Access Control systems can easily be used for restricting access to an area or even a complete building, or being able to grant access to an area with either a card, fob token or biometric readers negates the use of multiple key locks.

Intruder Alarm systems are a great defence against burglars and vandals both of which mostly commonly select their intended targets based on the chances of being able to commit the crimes undetected. 

As both visual deterrent and evidence providers. Single camera systems to systems of hundreds of CCTV cameras, video evidence of a crime at the time that it is being committed will greatly improve the chances of successful prosecution.

Intercom systems are perfect for domestic or commercial premises. allowing for the user to be able to talk to a visitor and even grant access to a building without physically being at the door.

Collins Security take on a large amount of sub-contracted installation projects every year for many different security companies, from the initial first fix through the installation, test and commissioning to the client handover.


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