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Collins Security can access an entire range of some of the most reliable electronic security systems on the market to control or restrict the movement of personnel and property. Controlled using either a simple, stand-alone digital keypad or a fully featured, expandable, hands-free PC-based system.

Mechanical locks are available as basic light duty locks with a comprehensive range of functions, through to heavy duty locks suitable as the primary lock on most doors, however Keycode and biometric standalone electronic door lock functionality provides major benefits over mechanical locks, giving programming at the keypad, multiple codes, one-time user codes as well as automatic building alarm release and incorrect code alarms.

Keycode door locks come in a wide variety of styles and finishes to suit almost all applications.

Electronic Access Control systems offer the best solution for security for not only your premises, but the equipment and staff within it including personal property as doors no longer need to be left open or unlocked all day. 

Easily manage badges and access for employees and visitors, with the ability to track and trace arrivals and departures and easily export report data.

From stand-alone  single door systems, to multiple door systems running on a centralized PC system, we can supply and install the system that best suits your needs and the needs of your business.

For high level security needs, Biometric reader technology that measures and analyzes human physical and behavioural characteristics for authentication purposes can be integrated.

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Access Control systems are a way of controlling and regulating who can gain access to a building, whilst also having control over restricting their movement once within that building.

Access Control systems give peace of mind of knowing that a building is secure, and that access will only be granted if a users access level is suitable, thus doing away with the endless amounts of keys and locks that would require changing whenever a staff member leaves your organisation.

Swipe cards, fobs, tokens, or even biometric readers can be installed to give your system the level of security your business requires, and can easily be blocked from the system if lost, stolen or mislaid, without the fear of keys being copied.

Collins Security installs Access Control systems from new, but also helps clients to update and add to their existing systems. 

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