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Supplying an excellent service to your clients can at times be difficult and a stretch for your current resources, but you don't have to let your client down or let a situation cause any impact on your professional reputation, just keep supplying that same fantastic service. More importantly, don’t lose your professional reputation over it as Collins Security undertakes a vast amount of sub-contracting work from other security organisations, throughout the country.


Collins Security specialises in supplying clients with a one-stop-shop, from project management, cabling, and installation to commissioning and handover of all manner of security systems.


Subcontracting your Security services to Collins Security negates the need to have to advertise, recruit and employ staff in an area in which you may not be ready to operate, or may just have a short term need, and don’t need to have the hassle of advertising, recruiting and employing additional permanent staff.

All of our staff are fully qualified, hold current asbestos awareness certificates, and are part of the JIB-approved ECS Health & Safety certification scheme. They are also all trained in the use of plant equipment and hold current IPAF certificates to provide proof of our competency to our clients in these areas.

Subcontractors can often be used for individual small works and for one-off jobs, also areas where more specialist expertise or fast turnaround is required.

Collins Security can offer you flexibility with specific tasks. We can allow you to obtain temporary cover enabling your permanent staff to concentrate on your core business.

For domestic installations and/or service visits, Collins Security can offer your business the extended, trusted, and competent continuity that your clients deserve.

Many businesses use subcontractors to enable them to take on projects that are much larger than those they can handle on their own.


Project management, from the first fix to the second fix and beyond, Collins Security can offer your business a one-stop-shop that fits with your requirements and into your business seamlessly.

SafeContractor accreditation shows that we take Health and Safety seriously and that we can deliver a project within a strict health and safety environment, with our many years of on-site experience.

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