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Security and Safety in your home or office should be paramount. An intercom or video entry system will help to deal with these concerns.

They are ideal for those who either live or work alone, the elderly and the infirm as they give the peace of mind of knowing who is at your door without having to open it and then also once you are satisfied with who the visitor is, the capability to release the door and grant the visitor entry without having to attend.

Systems can have multiple call entry points, either with voice and video or just voice and also multiple handsets within the building for ease of use. 


The intercoms can be interfaced with most electronic access control systems allowing the intercom button to open the electric door release or the magnetic lock on the door. 

Security and safety within your own home should be paramount and an intercom, or better still a video entry system will help you to deal with any of the concerns you have regarding the answering of your door to strangers.


These systems are ideal for those living alone, in shared housing or flats, they are also used on larger properties at the end of the driveway to gain access through the property gates, by allowing the homeowner to talk and see who is requesting access to the property without opening the door.

Once satisfied with who the visitor is, the homeowner can then grant access to the property with the ability to release the electronic door lock remotely without having to attend.

An intercom system can be a key component for your business by helping to stop uninvited personnel from gaining access to your building or property.


An intercom allows you to speak with visitors before letting them enter giving you control over whether you grant the individual access.


Systems can have multiple call points at the different entrances to your property and can call multiple different handset locations within the building depending on whom the individual has come to visit.

Access Control integration can also reduce any risk to your employees or your property from unwanted visitors.

A nurse system allows a patient in a health care environment to alert a nurse or other health care staff member remotely of their need for help.

The systems usually comprise either a button or cord for raising an alarm.

When the button is pressed, a signal alerts staff at the nurse's station, and usually, a nurse or nurse assistant responds to such a call.


Some systems also allow the patient to speak directly to the staff, whereas others simply beep or buzz at the station, requiring a staff member to actually visit the patient's room to determine the patient's needs.

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