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Installing a Fire alarm is the first step in protecting life and property in the case of a fire by making your property safe for not only you, but for your employees, customers, and tenants.


A combination of smoke and heat detectors, sirens, and bells can detect fires and alert building occupants at the earliest possible moment, giving time to evacuate safely.

Most fire alarm systems provide information about where the fire is located so that emergency responders can deal  with the incident quickly and efficiently.

There's no doubt that Security lights offer a welcome to your visitors, whilst being a visible deterrent to any possible intruders as properties are usually targeted by a burglar from a distance at first and if well illuminated they will generally look elsewhere for a softer option.

Security lighting comes in the forms of Manually operated, Timer operated, Movement Sensor operated, and Dusk Till Dawn Sensors.

Remember that security lighting should form part of a complete security package and not be relied on alone.

Most new security systems are added to a client's data network, to allow the systems to perform certain functions and to allow data to be moved between locations.

In an ideal world, a security system should be on its own secure stand-alone network so that data transmission from security equipment does not have a detremental effect on the efficiency of your businesses data network.

Collins Security can design and install you a security network system to meet these needs and keep your business running efficiently.

Portable Appliance Testing is a process for checking portable electrical appliances for safety by carrying out a series of visual inspections of the plugs and leads of your portable appliances and also injecting test signals into the cables and appliance to ensure their integrity. 


These tests are the best way for an employer or landlord to ensure that they are meeting legal obligations to maintain high standards of electrical safety via the detailed completion report showing all the findings as well as visible pass or fail label on each appliance.

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