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Burglars and vandals most commonly select their targets based on the chances of being able to commit a crime undetected. Buildings that present themselves as unoccupied or insecure are far more likely to be seen as an easier option and thus targeted. A professionally installed and regularly maintained CCTV system can dramatically reduce these offences occurring.

The latest generation of CCTV means that cameras can be installed almost anywhere and are small enough to be less obvious to the eye, thus taking nothing away from the beauty of your home, but without compromising on image quality.


Infrared lighting technology also allows our camera systems to be able to work in pitch blackness, bringing the quality of the images up to near daylight level. Additional lighting in these situations however would always be advised and recommended at the time of our site survey. 


Cameras can also be set to record what is happening around the perimeter of your property whilst you are in or out, keep eye on your driveway and your car, or even view rooms or entrances from inside of your home.


CCTV has been a common fixture in shops, pubs, car parks, and other public places for years. Now, thanks to easier installation and falling prices, it’s becoming an increasingly popular choice for security-conscious homeowners.

If you’re thinking of getting a home CCTV system for the outside of your property, you must comply with privacy laws. This means making sure that your cameras aren’t pointed at public spaces, or other people’s houses or gardens.

CCTV is just one line of defence against crime and works best when combined with other measures, such as a burglar alarm, door and window locks, and security lighting.

Business crime costs the retail industry in excess of £12 billion per year. It's not a victimless crime and falls into the following three categories, property crime (theft, fraud, robbery, non-payment), violent crime (staff member harassment and robbery), and anti-social behaviour (verbal abuse, intimidation, and vandalism) and it impacts on us all.


A modern CCTV system installation comprising static cameras, domes, and PTZ cameras is an important weapon in the modern fight against crime. Collins Security can design and install a bespoke multifaceted CCTV system to meet your requirements. Analogue or IP systems, comprising of just one camera or up to hundreds of cameras, we have the experience and the technology that will enable you to ensure your business is secure. 

Covert CCTV is primarily used for the purpose of performing surveillance on a third party without their knowledge.


In the current day, it is important to keep yourself, your family, and your surrounding environment safe from those who may wish to take advantage of a situation or harm you.


This is when the covert camera, which comes in many shapes and sizes, provides the kind of help that you're looking for. They help you catch these people in the act. A wide range of both indoor and outdoor cameras are now available, to record inappropriate and illegal behaviour such as theft, abuse, vandalism, and fly-tipping.

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